Our Lady of Lourdes Church 露德聖母堂


  1. 堂區培育組於暑期為10-18歲青少年舉辦歷奇一日營,讓他們認識自己,並將活動中的經驗用於生活當中。
    地 點:余振強紀念第二中學
  2. 華富邨寶血小學於暑假期間進行維修工程,彌撒中心主日彌撒由7月15日開始至8 月19日,連續6個主日遷往明愛莊月明中學禮堂舉行。8月26日是寶血小學小一學生巡禮,彌撒中心當日取消主日彌撒,請教友前往置富聖堂參與早上8:00或9:30彌撒。彌撒中心9月2日回復正常。有關以上安排,請教友參閱堂區快訊或致電堂區辦事處查詢。
  3. 聖雲先會用於濟貧工作的每月捐獻,於今日彌撒後在聖堂門外收集。
  4. 每月茶座於本主日8:00 及9:30彌撒後舉行,歡迎各位參加。
  5. 堂區議會會議於本主日下午2:00在余振強紀念第二中學LG01室舉行,歡迎教友列席。

Parish announcement (8th July 2018)

  1. The Development Group of the Parish Council will conduct an one day adventure camp for youth between 10-18 years’ old on 28 July, Saturday, at the School. Please refer to the Parish notice-board for more details.
  2. Owing to the renovation of the Wah Fu Precious Blood Primary School during the summer, our Wah Fu Mass Centre will be closed from 15 July to 19 August. During this period, Sunday Mass at 9:00 a.m. will be held at the School Hall of the Caritas Chong Yuet Ming Secondary School in Wah Fu. On the Sunday of 26 August, the Mass Centre will also be closed for another School activity. Parishioners of Wah Fu will have to attend the morning Mass at the Chi Fu Church. The Wah Fu Mass Centre will be opened again as from 2 September onwards.
  3. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul will conduct its monthly door collection after Mass in aid of the poor. Please help generously.
  4. The Parish Council will hold its bi-monthly meeting at 2:00 p.m. today at Room LG 1. Parishioners are welcome to sit in.
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