Parish Announcement
2017 January 21
1. Second Collection during Mass (please announce the following before the communion hymn)
It is the practice for Catholics all over the world to make yearly offerings to the Holy Father to help him carry out his manifold services to the universal Church. In support of this purpose, a second collection will be taken up at Mass today. Your generous support is appreciated.
Parish Bulletin
4rd quarter 2017
Parish Council Election For the years 2018/2019

Nomination of Elected Member of the Parish Council (word/pdf)
Updated on: 2017-7-22
Address: 1, Chi Fu Close, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
Tel: 2551-8118
Fax: 2875-6815
E-mail: ,
Other Mass Centres in Parish: Wah Fu Estate Mass Centre
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Mass Schedule
Sunday Masses: Chinese:08:00, 09:30 A.M.
English: 11:00 A.M.
Anticipated Sunday Mass(Chinese): Saturday at 06:00 P.M.
Daily Masses(Chinese) : 07:15 A.M.
Mass of the Sacred Heart
1st Friday at 08:00 P.M.
Eucharistic Adoration
3rd Friday at 08:00 P.M.
Our Lady of Lourders Church Home